"Before starting the Alexander Technique with Trish, I was resigned to putting up with back and neck pain forever. I was recommended to the Alexander Technique by an Osteopath because I kept returning with the same problem. Since I started my lessons with Trish, she has taught me how to use my body better.  

I hardly have any pain and on the rare occasions that I do, I see it as my body's way of telling me to think about the Technique. Trish is kind, patient and explains things clearly and simply; a truly inspirational teacher!"  

 Susannah Rigg, London N19 


"I am extremely grateful for having been introduced to Trish Wade and the Alexander Technique. My posture has improved and my back aches have disappeared. The Alexander Technique has been a truly uplifting experience and has had such a positive effect on my entire life, as well as improving my physical well being."  


"After I developed severe RSI in both my wrists, my GP recommended the Alexander Technique. Through my lessons with Trish, I have not only seen significant improvement in my wrists (and have continued my work behind the computer) but as a whole, I am feeling more flexible and relaxed and have better posture.   I would encourage anyone to try the Alexander Technique with Trish. The lessons are gentle and peaceful and Trish is a very patient and encouraging teacher. I had lessons with her for about five years and came away feeling very calm and relaxed every single time. Highly recommended!"

 Louise, Ealing 2016 



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